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If you can’t believe in witches, what can you believe in?


Lutz Wagner aka Moto Waganari born 1967 in Germany, creates transparent network-sculptures which outline a delicate body frame. By illuminating his sculptures the artists multiplies his three dimensional objects by a two dimensional shadow revealing the immaterial alter ego of every figure. His characters seem to visualize a surreal, parallel world filled with surprise and enigma. Moto Waganari’s sculptures seduce the spectator with their appealing beauty and sophisticated weightlessness / via Hollis Taggart Galleries


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Cover for a Nadia of the Mysterious Seas Blu-ray by Sadamoto. The show is a “proto Evangelion” and I recommend it. http://ift.tt/1qA9VFY

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MC5 at Summer Outdoor Free Concert Series in West Park Bandshell, Ann Arbor, Michigan, photographed by Leni Sinclair in 1969.